NASA launches Mini-Cooper, Mark Renz 1-239-368-3252

NASA launches first unwomanned Mini-Cooper to orbit moon.

In a top secret mission revealed today on WikiLeaks, NASA admits it has launched Marisa Renz's Mini-Cooper into orbit around the moon. Reached at home, Renz's husband Mark said WikiLeak's timing couldn't be worse.

“NASA had assured me this mission was top secret,” said Renz. “But with the release of this information, my wife will now know that her car is not in the shop for a brake job. My new name will be Moon Mud.”

Note: This photo and the ones below are actually the roof of my wife's Mini-Cooper during a recent Florida cold snap.

Mini-Milky Way, 300 light bulb years from Earth

Mini-Milky Way at Glactic Center

Planet Mini-Coop

New river discovered in Antarctica

Photos from NASA's first unwomaned Mini-Cooper have turned up a previously unknown river in Antarctica. Scientists have named the new river “Fergivmehoney” which apparently were the last words spoken by Mark Renz when his wife Marisa discovered her car was not in the shop after all.

Fergivemehoney River close-up

Effects of Global Warming on Planet Mini-Coop

Ice flows melting on Planet Mini-Coop