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Soft Wings

Mosquito Control - Harns Marsh, Lehigh Acres, FL)

Thistle skipper (Dorantes skipper...Urbanus dorantes)

Gulf Fritillaries - Love is in the air

Friends through thistle and thin
Dorantes skipper and black swallowtail

Peacock Butterfly

Pharoh - Viceroy pupa (chrysalis)

Symbeeotic relationship

Colorful character, Green orchid bee Euglossa viridissima

Skipper formal Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly Urbanus proteus

Tiger on the loose - Tiger swallowtail photo art

Luna landing - luna moth photo art

Stained glass wings (peacock butterfly)

I see more than you think I see (polyphemus moth)

Swamp Queen I (queen butterfly)

Swamp Queen II (queen butterfly

I may be beautiful but I'm not who I look like
(scarlet-bodied Wasp Moth)

Your whole life is in front of you (viceroy butterfly)

Don't be afraid of change

De-icing the wings (dragonfly)

Look for chances to lift someone's spirits
(Bee was quickly rescued)

Fence sitter (imperial moth)

Peacock in wax (peacock butterfly)

Buttery landing (Gulf fritillary)

If zebras could fly (zebra swallowtail)

Zebra marmalade (zebra swallowtail)

Savoring the moment (viceroy butterfly)

Zebra shangri La (zebra butterfly)

Butterfly decoy (black swallowtail)

Giant swallowtail

Giant swallowtail

Giant swallowtail

Giant swallowtail

Giant swallowtail